“To be truly open-minded is to accept the possibility that you may be wrong, and that you are willing to change your position in the face of incontrovertible evidence.” – R. Finley



Atlanta native, Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr. (born in 1974) is a Science Educator, Critical Thinking Researcher, Consumer Health Advocate, and Genealogist.



I have conducted informal education research, published research articles, and conducted surveys on GMO Golden Rice, Natural Cancer Treatments, Popular Supplements, Biological Evolution, Polar Bear Adaptation, and more..
Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I am available for lectures, discussions, debates, and media appearances.



> MPH. Public Health, 2024
> M.Sc. Biological Sciences, 2016
> B.Sc. Human Development, 2011
> A.A. Liberal Arts, 2014
CFI Certificate – Science and The Public
> Certificate – Human Biomedical Research
> Certificate – Research Ethics
> Certificate – Public Health
> Certificate – Nutrition



> Lifestyle Medicine Staff – 2023-Present
> Broad-Field Science Faculty – 2022-Present
> Physical Science Faculty – 2019-2021
> AP Chemistry Teacher – 2018-2019
Biology Instructor, 2015-2016
> Toxicological Technician, 2012



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“I am afraid that we are failing ourselves and our collective futures. We need a society that encourages rational thought, critical thinking, intellectual honesty, humanism, freethought, scientific thinking, honesty, courage, and the freedom to question. In our schools, we need passionate educators that love their fields and who know how to impart that passion to others. Teachers passing content knowledge exams and achieving high student test scores will not fix our unsupported biases, our dichotomous political system, our religious and cultural intolerances, our greed, the celebration and perpetuation of violence, a rising anti-intellectualism, the constant fake news, and our gleeful and purposeful ignorances. To move toward a more enlightened world, we must continue to reach out through civic passion, patience, purposeful listening, and understanding, self-reflective honesty, and we must produce truly decent and intelligent citizens for our youth to model. As educators, parents, and concerned citizens, we can begin by placing a foot on the right path, by at least modifying our curriculum in all fields, in ways that help to drive aspects of what we wish our society to eventually become. In time, hopefully, we can produce a world that is far better off than where we are now. With conscientious effort, we can avert this idiocratic dark age that we appear to be spiraling into. It begins, with you.” – Reginald V. Finley Sr

What is Critical Thinking?

My favorite video about Critical Thinking by Qualia Soup:



Society for Science & The Public |National Center for Science Education | Teacher’s Institute for Evolutionary Science | National Science Teachers Association | American Institute of Biological Sciences | Delta Kappa Pi | Florida Association of Science Teachers


“Reginald has a passion for science ….. Everyone present was inspired to further pursue their interests in science. ……  A job well done”

Donna Gore

“Thank you for all that you do for your students.”