About Me

About Me


Reggie Finley, 2014

Atlanta native, Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr. (born in 1974) is a Science Educator, Biology Tutor, Critical Thinking Educator, Consumer Health Advocate and an Evidence-Based Genealogist. He is also a US Army Veteran and served overseas during Operation Able Sentry in 1995. In 1999, he also worked for a time as a “phone psychic” with the Psychic Network in which he learned first-hand how people fool themselves into believing the strangest of things. Finley gave a talk about his experiences at a Center for Inquiry conference in 2001 and later published his story in multiple languages which were read all over the world.

At age 24, while attending St. Leo College, he studied philosophy and religion and soon became interested in the ill-effects of mal-thinking. In his community, he recognized a trend towards anti-intellectualism, a disdain for independent thought, and a general lack of respect for any scientific concept that went against the theological and cultural status quo. Seeing this imbalance in his community, Reginald decided to take it upon himself to challenge what he saw as far too much “common-thinking”. Finley soon began identifying himself as an Infidel, Critical Thinking Advocate, Theological Noncognitivist, and many other wholesome identifiers. like, atheist! lol. 🙂

I.G. in his Atlanta studio, 2004

Lacking a formal education or even experience in radio, at age 25, Reggie launched an 12 year internet media career (1999-2012) focusing on educating the public about science, philosophy, ethics, freethought, and the value of Critical Thinking. Finley’s Programs: “The Debate Hour” , “Freethought Media”, “Infidel Radio”, and “The Infidel Guy Show” featured personalities from across the philosophical spectrum, including scientists Michio Kaku and Richard Dawkins, lawyers Eddie Tabash and Michael Newdow, creationist Kent Hovind, Ali Sina of Faith Freedom International, biologists Massimo Pigliucci & Neil Shubin, seasoned skeptic Michael Shermer, and neurologist and philosopher Sam Harris

At its end, and at the age of 36, Finley produced over 500 programs and over 300 special features. “I.G.”, as friends and fans called him, frequently identified himself as just a regular guy. His shows were never top quality nor were they designed to impress the intelligentsia, but he always had interesting guests on that helped challenge and change the thinking of hundreds of thousands around the world, including his.

Reginald Finley is an Atheist. photo by Larry Dalton
Photo by Larry Dalton, Sacramento, CA, 2002

He has also made a number of media appearances himself including being featured in the Sacramento Bee, CFI’s Television Show, ABC News, Cincinnati’s 700WLW, Michio Kaku’s Program (Visions), The Young Turks, Mythicist Milwaukee and dozens more. Finley’s family appeared on ABC’s reality show Wife Swap on November 28, 2005, when his wife Amber switched places with the wife of a devout Christian pastor.

After the meteoric rise of youtube and the Financial Crisis of 2007, Finley returned to corporate America and rarely conducted any more programs. After the death of his mother in 2011, he began to reinvent himself and created a new informal science education program called The Fun Scientists LLC.


Reginald Finley Grad, Ellenwood, GA, 2013

Finley went on to achieve his formal education earning an Associates in General Studies from Ashworth University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from Amridge University (2011), a Master of Education Degree from SUNY at Buffalo specializing in The Public’s Understanding of Science (2013) and earned a Master of Science degree in Biology from Clemson University (2016). He is currently earning an Education Doctorate in STEM Educational Leadership from American College of Education (2021).


Finley has volunteered and worked with numerous science-oriented organizations such as: The Atlanta Freethought Society, The Georgia Aquarium, and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.


Reginald Finley, Apopka, HIgh, 2015

His latest projects include: AmazingLife.Bio, a biology education website for grades 5 through 12 in which he educates visitors about the amazing diversity of biological life on planet Earth, and he offers online tutoring services in Biology. His other project, Cancer Cure Scams (in development), is a site devoted to protecting cancer patients against dangerous alternative medicine practitioners and educates the public on how to properly understand and interpret science.



He’s currently an Adjunct Biology Professor, an online Biology/Zoology Instructor, and an Advanced Sciences Instructor and Science Chair in Orlando, FL. He has taught subjects such as the nature of science, critical thinking in science, biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, marine biology, and physical science.

In his free time, he enjoys watching anime, reading non-fiction (in particular science news), conducting research, hanging-out with fellow freethinkers, and studying as many science topics he can at AlisonCourseraEdX and Khan Academy.

If you wish donate to help him finish his Doctorate in Science Education, please click the Paypal link below: ~ Donate Now ~

Reginald Finley and Friends – Freethought Outing in Atlanta, GA, 2010

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