Updates: 04/28/2022

Hi folks,

I know it’s been a while. I have decided to go back into the classroom. As such, you may have noticed that many of my old websites are now shut down. This is so that I can represent my new employer with the level of professionalism and reflective caution the county expects of its educators. I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for science in the classroom again. My assistant and I will still blog from time to time on AmazingLife.Bio and HealthandScienceFacts.com.

I am almost done with my dissertation. I consider myself about 85% done. I am presenting my data this week. I will finalize my conclusions this week and spend another week updating references and proofreading.

I am very proud of this accomplishment. It’s been a long time coming as I have been working on my Ph.D. off and on for at least 5 years… and have been to 4 different schools and just kept running out of money. Walden University, California Coast University, Huntington University, American College of Education (where I earned Candidacy), and now finally, the University of South Africa.

I’ll see you in a few months!

— Reginald Finley, Phd(c).