New Program Coming Soon

Reginald Finley Sr and Reggie Finley Jr are in the first phases of creating a new program dedicated to biology and consumer health.

We welcome all ideas. We are very excited about this new program but we also want to make sure it’s produced well, is educational, and entertaining.

If you aren’t familiar with my old program, visit: to listen to my old show that ran from 1999-2012.

Stay tuned!


Reg & Reg

In the studio, 2005

Biology Tutoring Services

I have been a science communicator for 15 years. I have a Bachelors in Human Development, a Masters in Science Communication and a Masters in Biology (2016).

I can help you with Biology EOC prep, Unit to Unit exam prep, and ACT science prep.

Grades I currently tutor: High School Biology, 9-12. (I am very familiar with Florida Standards), and Middle School Biology. I can also tutor Biology I college/university students as well.

I specialize in tutoring public school and homeschool children, children with ADHD and other learning difficulties. I am currently the Science Department Chair for a school that specializes in educating children with learning difficulties.

I will use Skype, whiteboards, PowerPoints, animations etc.. to help your young student excel in their challenging Biology class. I can also customize pre-recorded material (15 minutes) to target particular aspects of biology for your child to stream privately via youtube. Each video will be targeted specifically and only for your young student.

$35/hr. Free 10 minute session to see if you think I’m a good fit. I primarily tutor through Wyzant as they have excellent online tools:

I have helped 100’s of students from around the world and they have seen significant improvements in their science aptitude and some have even discovered a renewed interest and passion for science.

I hope to speak with you soon!

Mr. Finley

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